PLN 6,000 to Eat with Al Pacino



The price of tickets for an audience with Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger was PLN 2,500. Unfortunately, the events were suddenly cancelled and it is not clear whether punters will get their money back. Stage Production had been promoting an audience with the two famous American actors for quite some time. Al Pacino was supposed to meet Polish fans on 22 September in Warsaw’s Congress Hall, whereas Arnold Schwarzenegger was lined up to speak at the Centennial Hall in Wrocław on 17 October. Tickets were extremely expensive, as much as PLN 2,500. Moreover, those fans who wanted to buy tickets for a dinner with the actors had to pay over PLN 6,000. Despite the price, tickets were snapped up instantly. In the meantime, it appeared that the actors would not come to Poland. Stage Production issued a statement stating the events had been cancelled due to reasons beyond its control: “Despite huge interest, we are unable to undertake the AN EVENING WITH series due to unexpected circumstances. Therefore, we would like to thank all the people, co-workers, partners, sponsors and patrons, who were working on the realisation of this dream. Thank you to all the people who bought tickets. Refunds should be undertaken at the point of purchase.” It is not known why the two events were cancelled; none of the organisers wanted to provide explanations. The reasons were also unknown even to the PR agency hired by Stage Production.

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