Anna Przybylska Dies of Cancer

Unhappy Ending

Unhappy Ending

Popular Polish actress Anna Przybylska passed away on Sunday, after battling cancer for a year. She was 35. The actress’ death was confirmed by her manager, who said that Przybylska died peacefully, surrounded by her family. The actress left behind her partner, footballer Jarosław Bieniuk, and their three children. Przybylska rose to fame in 1997, when she made her television debut in “Złotopolscy”, a popular soap opera. Also in 1997, she appeared on the big screen for the first time, in “Ciemna strona Wenus” (The Dark Side of Venus). Przybylska was known for her beauty and great sense of humour. Her last movie, “Bilet na Księżyc” (Ticket to the Moon), saw the actress looking as spectacular as ever, despite her health problems. In 2013, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She underwent surgery; however, the tumour turned out to be malignant. In her last interview, she told Viva magazine: “I have switched my mind to positive thinking, so that I can enjoy my life and fight for it, because there are things in my life that are worth fighting for”.

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  1. Anonymous · October 9, 2014

    She was beautiful 😦


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