London – Capital of Poland

Poland, in London

Poland, in London

For anyone eager to see what the life of the Polish emigration in London looked like between WWII and the 1990s, the University of Warsaw Library has opened a new exhibition. “London – Capital of Poland” offers a unique insight into the private, professional and cultural life of Polish emigrés in the UK. According to the organisers, people who come to the exhibition will feel as if they are walking through a Polish city. Visitors will also be able to take a closer look inside the office of the Polish president in exile, visit the editorial office of the Polish emigré newspaper Wiadomości, and watch a rehearsal in a post-war theatre as well as an anti-Soviet political demonstration from 1956. “The installation uses video projections, which allows for the reconstruction of the political demonstration led by generals Władysław Anders and Bór-Komorowski,” explain the organisers. The exhibition is on display until 30 November 2014, and is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Prices range from PLN 5 for a reduced ticket to PLN 15 for a family ticket. Admission on Wednesdays is free. The exhibition has been prepared by the Polish History Museum.

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