Hartwig Wins Poetry Prize

Julia Hartwig

Julia Hartwig

Kraków was once again the literary capital of Poland with Julia Hartwig winning the Wisława Szymborska Poetry Prize. “The Nobel Prize winner would have been glad,” according to many of the commentators present at the ceremony. “I think that the most embarrassed person at this whole ceremony is the one who wins this wonderful prize. And that person is me,” said Hartwig when she was handed a cheque for PLN 200,000 and a statuette picturing one of Wisława Szymborska’s famous patchworks. Hartwig admitted though that she also took great pride the award because of its world-famous, Nobel Prize-winning patron. “I was close to her, but when you think about Wisława, there is no one who can really say they were close to her. She always stayed somewhat detached.” Towards the end of the ceremony Hartwig amused the audience by saying: “A big hello to all the nominees.” Julia Hartwig is one of the most famous names of the last few decades. Born in 1921, the Szymborska Prize laureate is not only a poet, but also an essayist, translator and the author of books for children. The Szymborska Prize jury commended her on her volume of poetry entitled “Zapisane” (Having Been Written) which was published by Kraków publishing house a5.

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