Poles Giving Up TV


Addicted No More?

The mobile revolution has created a new market. Polish people have begun to turn away from TV sets and are more often watching TV on tablets. Advertisers are already making use of this trend. In a recent survey by Corporate Profiles Consulting commissioned by UPC, half of farmers said they wish to use mobile devices to watch their favourite TV programmes. An even greater interest in mobile television is expressed by business people with 86% stating that they would like to use it. The data shows that now bulky cathode-ray tube TV sets have been superseded by flat-screen ones, the time is ripe for more change. At present, 42% of all respondents would like to watch TV programmes on a TV set with internet access, allowing them to use video-on-demand (VoD). They would also happily watch videos on smartphones but their displays are too small. “Viewers readily register the HBO GO application on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, but in practice they most frequently use it on laptops and TV sets. Premium content continues to be viewed preferably on a big screen,” says Agnieszka Niburska responsible for PR at HBO. With new technologies exploding, Poles also watch TV increasingly often while doing other things as well. People are able to focus attention on several screens simultaneously and this is reflected in marketing strategies: more than half of TV commercials in Poland refer viewers to the internet.

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