Poles Interested in Ukraine

Still of Interest

Still of Interest

The CBOS public opinion research centre has found that the majority of Polish people are interested in the Ukrainian crisis. According to a CBOS survey conducted in October, 83% of Polish people are still captivated by events unfolding in Ukraine. 58% share the opinion that new Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz is continuing the previous government’s policy in relation to Ukraine. 57% of respondents fear that Russia is not going to restrain its territorial claims on Ukraine and that Moscow is also going to evoke other conflicts in countries where there Russian minorities are present. This anxiety is growing. CBOS has noted an increase of 9% in this regard since May. 67% of respondents consider the situation in Ukraine as risky for the security of Poland. This is a 11% drop against the exceptionally high figures in August and September (78%). 83% of respondents were worried about the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the Polish economy; 74% of respondents said that the crisis could effect Polish energy security; 42% of respondents fear a foreign army might invade Polish territory. Only 4% believed Ukraine would regain its lost territory.

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