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Two-Way Route

Two-Way Route

Work is underway to add further regulations to the amended provisions of the Polish Road Traffic Act. Cyclists await new provisions that would address so-called ‘bike boxes’ and allow for two-way cycle traffic on one-way streets. “We are still working on regulations that establish how much road space should be allotted to pedestrians and cyclists. The necessary requirements for cycling lanes are in the final stage of development,” stated Adam Zdziebło, the Polish Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Development, who was in parliament answering questions put to him by the Parliamentary Cycling Group chairperson Ewa Wolak, and by Marek Holak of Civic Platform (PO). The deputy minister emphasised that the amendments take into account the demands of cycling organisations, and that the working meetings with the representative of the Minister of Infrastructure took place in October and September this year. He reminded people that in recent years new terminology has been introduced into law and a new regulation has also been added: bicycles can now overtake slow-moving vehicles on the right. According to Marcin Hyła, head of Cities for Bicycles, urgent clarification is needed in regard to ‘bike boxes’, which enable cyclists to stop at traffic lights at an intersection in front of cars. This ensures that cyclists can pull away earlier when a traffic light turns green, and are therefore more visible to drivers. “Bike boxes have been added to the amended Road Traffic Act, although they still need to be precisely defined,” said Marcin Hyła to the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

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