Ship of the Year 2014

Zerocat 120

ZeroCat 120

The ZeroCat 120 has been commended for its innovative technical specifications and electric propulsion solutions. The ferry is equipped with a set of batteries which can be charged on shore. During the “SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology) International Trade Fair” in Hamburg, the “Ship of the Year” award was announced. The electrically propelled ZeroCat 120 won this year’s prize. Its success was also down to many Polish enterprises. The aluminium hull of the catamaran is made by Aluyard Technology of the famous Gdańsk shipyard and the ship itself was designed by design studio Nelton from Pruszcz Gdański. ZeroCat 120 is 80 metres in length and 20.8 metres in width. It is designed to hold 360 passengers and 120 car vehicles. The ferry will sail short-distance routes in Norway, reaching a speed of 10 knots.

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