Party Leader Quits for Right-Wing

Gowin's Faltering Party

Gowin’s Faltering Party

The deputy leader of Poland Together (PR) Piotr Zając has left the party and joined the controversial, right-wing Congress of the New Right (KNP). At a press conference in parliament, Zając informed the audience that he had resigned his function as deputy leader of Jarosław Gowin’s PR and also membership of the party. “Gowin and myself have similar ideas on Polish politics but different ideas on the way it should be realised. I leave Polish Together because I do not believe they have any chances of realising a sensible, free market economy programme in coalition with Law and Justice (PiS) and United Poland (PS).” He emphasised that PiS is just another part of the political clique that has blocked the Polish political scene in recent years and is not allowing Poland to rebuild and provide the basic changes which are needed for Poland to function. In November, PiS, PR and SP will run together in the local elections for Poland’s regional councils. Zając said that he had decided to join KNP because, in his view, it is the only party which includes young, resourceful, ideological people, who want to “push Poland to free market development”. He added, “I have exchanged a Fiat for a Lamborghini.” The leader of KNP Janusz Korwin-Mikke said he was glad Zając had decided to join his party. “If we want to build something, we must tell people that we are growing to the very top; our programme is radical,” said Korwin-Mikke.

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