Amazon Opens in Wrocław

Amazon Expands

Amazon Expands

The global mail-order giant, Amazon, officially opened its first two logistics centres in Bielany in Wrocław on Tuesday. They employ 2,500 people and will temporarily employ a further 3,500 workers during the holiday season. On Wednesday, the third similarly-sized centre size will be opened in Sady near Poznań. These three logistics centre are Amazon’s first investment in Central and Eastern Europe. The Chief Operational Officer for Europe at Amazon, Tim Collins, said at the opening, “these three new centres in Poland are the most modern of all thirty centres Amazon around the world.”Each centre cost €100 million, and thanks to these investments we are able to cover the whole of Europe. It is the perfect place for servicing all parts of the continent,” said Collins. He stressed that the second argument to invest in Poland was the possibility of employing workers with great skills. Deputy Minister of Economy, Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik emphasised the enormous impetus of the investment. “Amazon has shown its effectiveness. Nobody believed that they could successfully build the centres at such a fast pace. It indicates the great potential of the company. Congratulations,” said the deputy minister.

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