Kraków Beats Paris, Vienna, Venice

Kraków Rules

Kraków Rules

The former capital of Poland, Kraków, has come top of a league table for most interesting and tourist-friendly city in Europe, presented in British “Which?” magazine. 4,500 people took part in the study. Other top cities include Munich, Prague, Berlin and Budapest. The study looked at 47 cities that can be reached from Great Britain in no more than three hours. Warsaw, on the other hand, came 37th, beating Naples and Milan which were last on the list. Respondents judged, among others, housing, cultural attractions, convenience of public transport and value for money. What appealed to tourists most in the case of Kraków were its competitive prices (£55 for a hotel room, less than a pound for transfer from the airport to the city centre) and food. The former Polish capital scored top mark – five stars – in.this category and the foods most often mentioned were goulash, bigos and… vodka. Kraków was also given five stars for its friendly attitude to foreigners, and four stars for accommodation and tourist attractions.

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