Beyoncé Through Polish Eyes



This is Beyoncé Knowles. The feminist. People now give lectures about her work. When her photo appeared on the cover of feminist magazine “Ms. Magazine” together with the headline “Beyoncé’s fierce feminism”, the highest-profile theoretician of the third wave of feminism reacted immediately. She called Beyoncé a terrorist, trying to steal feminism for herself; a male sexual toy, who tries to focus other people’s attention on herself using her body. She was disgusted that stars of this ilk have a negative impact on the self-esteem of young girls who, by watching videos of such celebrities, think “I will never be as ideal as her. I must lose weight. I must have darker/lighter skin. I must wear skimpy clothes”. Another feminist icon, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has a different opinion: “If someone calls themselves a feminist, it means that – holy shit – they are a feminist! Feminism is not an exclusive club, by invitation only”. She adds that encouraging discussion, regardless in what form, is positive. She also defends the sexual image of Beyoncé. “I want both girls and boys to start to find sexuality as something a person has, not as something that a girl gives a boy”. Similar opinions can be heard in Poland with feminism reaching out to an increasingly larger audience.

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