Bollywood Comes to Warsaw

Filmed in Warsaw

Filmed in Warsaw

It is an explosive mix of romance, humour and action, everything seasoned with the typical Bollywood spices: singing, dancing and bright colours. The Bollywood film “Kick”, greatly expected in Poland, will have its première this week. The action scenes were filmed in Warsaw. Starting this weekend, the movie will be screened in selected cinemas. From its very beginning “Kick” caused controversy. Both the audience that watched the film crew on the job and journalists visiting the film set were uncertain whether Warsaw would be Warsaw or will it be posing as London. The questions arose when a double-decker bus appeared on the set, ending finally in the Vistula River. However Sajid Nadiadwali’s film dispelled any doubts. Warsaw is said to look attractive and modern. The capital’s office workers who already saw the movie state that the action scenes surprised them. The shooting that was undertaken in Poland was the most challenging in the whole venture. “Kick” had its Indian and international premières on the 25th of July this year. So far almost 25 million people have seen the movie and it has earned more than $62 million. Thanks to its box office success, the picture has already become a major hit, listed fifth among the all-time best Bollywood blockbusters.

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