Warsaw to Modernize Kyiv Transport

Warsaw Public Transport

Warsaw Public Transport

Ukraine will use Polish experience to modernise public transport in Kyiv. Public Transport Authority of Warsaw (ZTM) representatives and urban operators from Kyiv have already signed a letter of intent in Warsaw. Cooperation between Kyiv and Warsaw operators will revolve around the exchange of experience in the modernisation of public transport. The letter of intent was signed by Wiesław Witek, ZTM director, and Sergey Meisel, general director of Kyivpasstrans (operator of public transport in Kyiv). Witek claimed that ZTM will share its experience in the organisation, management and planning of transport services. He also added that the board of directors will encourage Ukrainians to accept the Warsaw model of public transport in which operational and organisational functions are separated. In his opinion this guarantees financial transparency. He stated that ZTM will also derive benefit from Ukrainian experience. Kyiv authorities will have the possibility to apply for a €150 million grant from the EU for the modernisation of its public transport. ZTM is a partner in the Ukrainian project. At present, the EU has offered $23 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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