Worst Paid Sector in Poland

Poorly Paid

Poorly Paid

Last year, art and culture was the worst paid sector according to a study conducted by Sedlak & Sedlak. Half of employers earned less than PLN 3,000 per month gross. The salary of 25% of the best-paid workers in art and culture exceeded PLN 4,000 gross per month. On the other hand, 25% of the employees with the smallest salary did not even make PLN 2,300 per month. In comparison, the IT sector had the highest wages in 2013, and employees with the best salaries earned no less than PLN 9,166; the lowest were at least PLN 4,000 gross per month. The gap between salaries for men and women employed in the art and culture sector was negligible. Women employed in this sector earned a mere 1.6% more then their male colleagues. The average salary for managers in art and culture was PLN 4,000 gross per month, while the best paid employees earned more than PLN 6,000. The average pay of an expert worker amounted to PLN 2,900, with middle-ranking employees earning PLN 2,274 per month.

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