I Am a Woman say PM Ewa Kopacz

Polish PM Ewa Kopacz

Polish PM Ewa Kopacz

“You know, sir… I am a woman,” was new Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz’s reply to a journalist’s question about the international policy of Poland. This shows that the Prime Minister is simply not qualified for the position and, what is more, her comments are sexist. Can anyone imagine Angela Merkel similarly beginning a conversation? Days before Kopacz’s nomination as the new PM, Civic Platform (PO) members spoke to the media expressing their outrage at some of the sexist comments about the former Speaker of the House. However, the PM has herself admitted that the first things she noticed when becoming Prime Minister were in the context of her sex. During a presentation of her cabinet, she was asked a set of questions about Iraq and Ukraine. Her retort was, “You know, sir… I am a woman. I try to imagine what I would do if a person waved a sharp object at me or was carrying a gun on the street. My first thought would be for my home and children. I would escape home, close the door and look after my children”. Ewa Kopacz negated all that she had ever said over the years convincing people that qualifications – not sex – is what is important in politics. “Equality is not seeing oneself in stereotypes and then rehashing them,” tweeted Barbara Nowacka, Your Movement (TR) and Congress of Women (KK) activist, in response to Kopacz’s comments.

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