Abortion not Parliament’s Decision

Controversial Topic

Controversial Topic

Recently, residents of the Warsaw district of Targówek are finding leaflets in their letterboxes containing the political programme of a candidates for city councillor. What has drawn the attention of everybody is one of the topics addressed in the leaflet. The Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) candidate Sylwestra Makowska-Gaszyńska declares in her political programme: “Abortion is a woman’s decision, not Parliament’s.” The problem is that regulations on abortion do not lie in the powers of local governments, but parliament, in fact. Online users are in uproar. Both opponents and supporters of abortion have been battling it out on the internet, and there are also those who are asking how the candidate intends to implement these regulations at the city level. Even Makowska-Gaszyńska herself admits that it is not within the scope of the city council, but being a part of the council will make her more powerful with regards to this issue. She cannot accept the fact that abortion actually is the decision of parliament and not a personal matter for every woman. The leaflet also informs readers about the activities of Sylwestra Makowska-Gaszyńska for the Society of Friends of Children. “I worked as a probation officer, but I wasn’t able to handle it emotionally. I went through a lot, watching the despair of children. If you decide to have children, you should take care of them. They have their own requirements and needs. ‘Every child is our child’ is an idea that I was brought up with,” the leaflet states.

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