From Communism to Capitalism

Transforming Poland

Transforming Poland

The political transformation in Poland that began in 1989 has not been easy. However, more than half of respondents believe that living conditions have changed for better in the past 25 years, while one third of respondents think that they have changed for the worse, according to a TNS Poland poll for “Gazeta Wyborcza”. But what Polish people are most satisfied with varies. 91% of those surveyed said that the freedom to travel abroad was most satisfying; 90% said that full shelves in shops (i.e. having a wide variety of products in shops) was the most positive factor; 85% of respondents gladly benefit from opportunities to work abroad; 57% welcome the existence of many political parties and free elections; and 49% are satisfied with the teaching of Religious Education in schools. Respondents also pointed out the negative sides of the political transformation: rising unemployment (90% of respondents); the reform of the pension system (75%); the healthcare reform (73%); and the poor moral values of the political elites (69%). However, the survey also shows that the level of knowledge among respondents about Poland’s recent history is very low. The younger the person, the less he or she knows.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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