Highest Standard of Living in Warsaw

Palace of Culture

Palace of Culture

Warsaw is the best Polish city as regards standard of living according to a league table commissioned by weekly magazine “Polityka”, presented this November. They add that people living in the capital, as well as in Sopot, which ranked number two, are able to take advantage of the attractive job market; diverse cultural events; and a better education. Warsaw and Sopot also top the league table when it comes to salaries. “Polityka”, however, noted that the capital city did not figure highly in terms of safety, while Sopot has problems with managing waste. On the other hand, both cities ranked higher than other cities with regards quality of life, despite the high prices of real estate, respectively scoring 70 and 66 points (out of 100). “Polityka” adds that Warsaw offers its citizens one of the better bicycle systems in Europe, and Sopot was the first Polish city to introduce a participatory budget. Wrocław, beating Rzeszów, Ostrołęka and Gdańsk, took third place in the league table. According to the magazine the quality of life is worst in Wałbrzych (28 points), Włocławek (33) and Chorzów (36).

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