PiS MPs Suspended

Days are Numbered

Hofman – Days are Numbered

Last Friday, three Law and Justice (PiS) MPs were suspended as a direct consequence of their ‘official’ trip to Madrid. At the end of October, Adam Hofman, Mariusz A. Kamiński and Adam Rogacki left for Spain to attend a conference. Upon declaring that they were going to travel by car, Kamiński and Hofman received over PLN 10,000 in travel expenses. In reality, they opted to fly with a low-cost carrier instead. The trip attracted media attention when the parliamentarians, accompanied by their wives, caused an incident on board their return flight. As it has transpired, none of the MPs actually showed up at the conference, nor did they appear at any of the official meetings that preceded it. PiS head Jarosław Kaczyński condemned the actions of the parliamentarians and expressed hope that they will be permanently removed from the party before the upcoming elections. “Things like this happen. Our reaction was both firm and unequivocal. We do not tolerate such attitudes and such behaviour, which is what distinguishes us from the ruling party – Civic Platform (PO) members have been guilty of abusing power, but do not suffer any consequences,” added Kaczyński.
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