Freestyle Slalom in Rzeszów

Roller Skates in Rzeszów

Roller Skates in Rzeszów

On 15 and 16 November, Rzeszów will host the Polish Championships in freestyle slalom. “It is an impressive discipline and people will enjoy it,” said Konrad Tomaka, one of those responsible for the event. Rzeszów is a powerhouse when it comes to the number of people riding on roller skates and winning international competitions. Konrad Tomaka, better known in the rollerskating world as “Wodzu” (Leader), wanted to organise the championships in Rzeszów because most freestyle roller skaters come from this city. “The previous championships were held in Mazury and for some of our younger participants the journey to Mazury was a big problem. And by younger I mean children,” explains “Wodzu”. During the two-day competition, roller skaters will compete in several categories including classic style slalom and speed slalom. About 100 people will take part in the competition. During the first freestyle championships, roller skaters from Rzeszów won 25 medals and the girls took first, second and third place. The event will be broadcast live on

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