Polish Youtube Festival

Video Fest

Video Fest

On 6 December, Warsaw Torwar will host the Orange Video Fest by LifeTube. The guests will include youtubers with millions of followers: SA Wardęga, Stuart Edge, Furious Pete and Abstrachuje.TV as well as AdBuster, SKKF, Polski Pingwin and Rock. VidCon, the largest American internet festival finally has a Polish rival. The first ever Orange Video Fest by LifeTube is an all-day event – a festival, conference, fair and series of workshops. Lekko Stronniczy, the domestically popular duo, will host the event, accompanied by other popular internet video producers. Orange Video Fest is a real treat for Youtube, youtubers and all internet users,“ says Barbara Sołtysińska, CEO of LifeTube, which organises the event. “The point is not only to provide entertainment and unforgettable experiences but also to show the power people have who publish their content on Youtube and the opportunities that this new medium offers.” The organisers have announced a wide range of attractions: youtuber shows, internet celeb stand-ups, concerts, a gaming zone, content creator stands and, most importantly, a chance to meet and talk to the most poplar youtubers in Poland. The event will also host the official Youtube award ceremony, the Golden Keys.

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