Polish Digital Consumers

Projecting Growth

Projecting Growth

According to an EY report, 62% of Polish internet users are digital consumers. This means that they buy products and services online. EY claims that India has the highest number of digital consumers in the world (75%). The Netherlands and China occupy second place in the league table (both with 70%). However, the opposite tendency is observed among internet users in Switzerland (45%), Belgium (47%), Austria (47%) and the USA (50%). Analysts draw attention to the fact that the highest percentage of digital consumers are concentrated in developing countries. Barbara Górska, head of the Marketing department of EY, explains that this is due to different a variety of cultural conditions and shopping models. Among the surveyed nations, Polish people tend to express their scepticism towards the possibility of replacing personal contact with the virtual. However, they remain loyal to mobile providers and media. The research was carried out in 34 counties and more than 29,000 people participated.

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