Red Pandas in Łódź

Red Panda

Red Panda

They only eat a special kind of bamboo, are 9 months old and have already won our heartd – red pandas have moved into Łódź zoo. The pandas only arrived in Łódź on Tuesday, and one could already have the chance of seeing them on Thursday. “They are still a little stressed and shy, but every now and then they come out and show themselves,” says Magdalena Janiszewska, head of the Łódź Municipal Zoo. The red panda is an endangered species. Their fur is used to produce traditional caps in Nepal, which are given to newly-married couples as a good luck talisman. The tradition is not as lucky for the pandas themselves, who are close to extinction. The term panda is most often associated with the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) but they have nothing in common with the red panda (Ailurus fulgens) except for the name and a predilection for bamboo, which makes up 90% of a red panda’s diet. They also eat eggs, small birds and mammals as well as insects. They live in the Himalayas.

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