Polish Quality Threatens Germany

At Risk

At Risk

Polish quality is threatening the “Made in Germany” brand. It seems high quality is no longer the preserve of Germany. Polish, Chinese and Indian products will soon not deviate from German standards of quality, according to the results of a survey undertaken by the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW). According to German economists, Poland, China and India will soon be competing with “Made in Germany” products in terms of quality. The DIW survey was commissioned by the German Society of Quality (DGQ). “Right now, countries like Poland, China and India are breathing down our necks,” says Juergen Varwig, chairman of DGQ. He believes that low-cost economies are slowly turning away from their strategy of cutting costs and are now concentrating increasingly on the demand for high quality. The results of the DIW survey conducted among nigh on 1,200 German businesses show that China will soon become a leader in terms of competition for quality. Over 56% of companies employing over 250 workers believe that within two decades China will catch up with Germany. 42% of all surveyed businesses shared this opinion. Only 3% of respondents predict a drop in the quality of Chinese products. Poland is second on the list of high quality products in the survey. Over a third of German businesses (38%) believes that their eastern neighbour will make significant progress in quality.

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