Controversial Elections



Poland’s Electoral Commission has finally announced the official results of the local elections, which took place on 16 November. According to the Electoral Commission, Law and Justice (PiS) garnered 26.85% of the votes, Civic Platform (PO) – 26.36%, the Polish People’s Party (PSL) – 23.68%, and the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) – 8.78%. Even though PiS scored marginally better than PO, the latter will take more seats in regional councils due to the proportional representation system used in Poland. A source of controversy was the number of votes declared invalid: 9.76% in the entire local elections and nearly 18% in the regional councils elections. It seems that voters found ballots consisting of more than one page confusing. Also the surprisingly good result of PSL is largely attributed to the fact that it was featured on the first page of the ballot. All this has caused some parties, most notably PiS and SLD, to protest, saying that the results are distorted at best. What adds fuel to the fire is the discrepancy between the exit polls (pointing to PiS as the winner) and the official results, as well as the delay in announcing the results, caused by the malfunction of a new computer system.
Gazeta Wyborcza

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  1. szaryvlk · December 15, 2014

    I recommand you to check out this hearing organized by PiS in the European Parliament on irregularities in local elections:

    very meaningful is reaction of the deputy from UK (about 1:20:00) who says that the scale of about 3 millions of invalid votes is unimagineable in his country, where usually the number of invalid votes reaches 20-30 votes tops…


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