Islamic Radicals in Poland?

What is Salafism?

What is Salafism?

German Salafists, one of the most radical Muslims groups with alleged connections with terrorists want to begin converting the Polish people. “We are already working on it”, said the head of the group. It turns out that there are already quite a large number of Polish emigrants in the ranks of the German Muslim group. “It’s not a joke,” says Sven Lau, one of the best known Salafists in Germany, “We want to take the message of our merciful God to Poland. And we are able to do it,” he continues. The conversation with Lau takes place in Wuppertal, a city in the Ruhr valley with a population of approximately 300,000. Sven Lau, a 34-year-old convert to Islam, established his own mosque in the suburbs this spring. In September, together with eleven radical Muslims, he led a march of the ‘Guardians of Public Morals’ through the city, which was the first of its kind in German history. On reaching the centre of Wuppertal he told people to refrain from going to clubs and amusement arcades. He distributed leaflets reminding people about the fact that according to Islamic Sharia law alcohol, smoking, loud music, pornography and prostitution are prohibited. The ‘Sharia patrol’ enraged Germans, as well as Chancellor Angela Merkel and Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere who demanded that Lau and the Salafits should at once be pacified. However, these were only empty threats. The ‘Sharia police’ did not break the law. They only contravened the Gathering Act, because the Salafists did not inform the local authorities about the march.

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