Innovative Cancer Drug in Poland

Cure for Cancer?

Cure for Cancer?

A company from Gdańsk is working on a cancer drug that is to be used to treat patients for whom chemotherapy has failed. The project is carried out by BS-154, an entity established by biotechnology company Blirt and the Pomerania Development Agency. Professor Edward Borowski, a specialist in medicinal chemistry, is in charge of the research. “There is a glut of antibacterial chemotherapeutic agents on the market, while the range of available effective cancer drugs is limited,” says Professor Borowski. It is extremely difficult to solve the problem of cancer cell resistance to chemotherapeutic agents, which are compounds used in the treatment of infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and neoplastic diseases. The development of multiple drug resistance, that is a condition of resistance to a variety of distinct medicines, is a particularly dangerous phenomenon. In fact, it is the principal reason of antineoplastic therapy failures for some carcinomas are resistant from the outset and other become so during chemotherapy. And that is precisely the problem which the new drug is expected to overcome. The project is already far advanced. At present, work focuses on selecting the lead compound, or the one for which a series of trials will be conducted. Research is being undertaken on a broad range of neoplasms, including both solid tumours like breast cancer and leukaemia. And the results are promising. The next step after preclinical trials will consist in clinical ones involving patients. If the results are good, the process of drug preparation and registration will begin. “If everything goes as expected, the optimistic scenario would see the medicine administered to patients in 6-8 years,” says Jerzy Milewski, CEO of Blirt SA.

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