Polish Street Art in Rome

Coffee Break in a Garbage Can

Coffee Break in a Garbage Can

Two Polish artists, Przemek Blejzyk and Mateusz Gapski, have painted a 32-metre-high mural on the wall of an 8-storey block of flats in Rome. It depicts a moustached man wearing a shirt emerging from a waste bin. There is a waste bin cover with a banana skin on top of it on his head and he is holding a steaming cup of coffee in his left hand. The mural appeared on the wall of a residential block of flats in the Tor Pignattara district of the Eternal City. It immediately drew the attention and praise of the Italian press, which noted its provocative message and unusual graphic expression. Newspapers report that the mural now attracts street art fans from all over Rome who want to see the new piece of art. The artists, known as Bezt and Sainer, are graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. They are the co-founders of “Etam Cru” artistic group and have created large format murals in Polish cities like Bydgoszcz, Łódź, Warsaw and Szczecin, as well as in Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Portugal and the USA. One of their best known works is “Traveller with a Monkey and a Barrel Organ” at 72 Dzielna street in Warsaw. The artists explain that the idea of painting a giant figure drinking coffee occurred to them because when they came to Rome everybody offered them coffee. It took them a week to complete the mural. The daily “Il Fatto Quotidiano” notes that previously the Polish street artists provoked enthusiastic reactions in the USA and several European countries. The work was part of a project aimed at livening up the drab streets and districts on the outskirts of Rome which are dominated by council estates. According to the plan, Tor Pignattara district is set to become the centre of street art in the Italian capital. The curator of the project Marta Gargiulo says that it will boost the image of the district which is seen as a centre of criminal activity, grappling with numerous social problems.

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