Obesity Pandemic

Watch What You Eat

Watch What You Eat

Poland is now facing not just an obesity epidemic but a pandemic, conclude specialists of the National Food and Nutrition Institute. According to the institute, efforts to combat obesity have failed, the growing trend in the prevalence for obesity has not been halted and for the time being Poland seems to be fighting a losing battle. 64% of men and 48% of women in Poland are overweight. In Europe, the UK, Hungary and Germany show even worse statistics with 64-67% of the male and 48-57% of the female population being overweight or obese. The Greeks and the Americans are the heaviest people in the world: 71% of men and 61% of women are overweight. Professor Jadwiga Charzewska of the National Food and Nutrition Institute believes that the actual numbers are likely to be much higher since people with too many kilograms tend to understate their weight in surveys. She also noted considerable differences in the prevalence of obesity across various regions in Poland. On average, 22.3% of Poles have a high BMI, but in the Łódź region it is 30% and in Mazovia it is as high as 32%. Silesia recorded the smallest share of overweight or obese people: 16.5%. It is particularly alarming that the percentage of overweight children is rapidly growing. Research on children aged 11-12 shows that 28% of boys and 22% of girls in Poland are overweight. This does not bode well for the future as obesity is responsible for numerous health problems later in life and it reduces life expectancy, especially if people are overweight during childhood. This is most commonly caused by a combination of eating too much and an unhealthy life style, notably lack of physical activity and insufficient sleep.

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