Legia Fined €100,000

Under Attack

Under Attack

UEFA has imposed a harsh penalty on Legia Warsaw for yet more disturbances caused by fans. The disciplinary board of UEFA once again showed that its “zero tolerance” policy will be continued. The European football federation ruled that Legia’s stadium will be closed to fans for two matches of the Europa League for the racist behaviour of Legia fans during the match against Lokeren (and was closed against Trabzonspor 11 December and will be closed for the 1/16 final game). What is more, the federation fined the club a total of €105,000 (€80,000 for brawl outside the stadium, €20,000 for the use of flares during a game and €5,000 for vandalism). Legia is also obliged to compensate the Belgium club for damage to property, and has imposed a ban on away supporters of the Polish champions, which will be in force to the end of the current season. Looking at principles applied by UEFA, Legia could have faced even higher penalties and every one at the club was prepared for the punishment.

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