Biggest Christmas Meal in Europe

Christmas Barszcz

Christmas Barszcz

More than 150,000 dumplings and several thousands of litres of barszcz have been prepared for the poorest people of Kraków to not leave them hungry over Christmas time. The 18th Christmas Eve Dinner for the homeless and needy will have the largest Christmas table in Europe. Every year the event brings together several thousand people in the main square in Kraków. As ever, the Christmas Eve Dinner is prepared by Jan Kościuszko, a restaurateur and philanthropist, and his co-workers. As well as hot meals, people are also given food parcels to take away. The organisers have asked volunteers to bring food and groceries with a longer expiry date, which the homeless can take with them. A great deal of fruit was donated this year. “Fruit growers from the Nowy Sącz region gave us a lot of apples. We will hand them out to Kraków residents who bring food for the poor,” says Kościuszko. Other Polish cities are also helping the homeless with Christmas Eve Dinners prepared in Warsaw, Chorzów and Nowy Sącz, among others.

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