Donald Tusk Speaks English

Mówi po angielsku?

Mówi po angielsku?

The European Council has published the first interview with Donald Tusk, given in English. When Poland’s former Prime Minister was elected to the post of the President of the European Council, he spoke Polish during his first press conference. However, he assured everyone that from December he will give all interviews in English. What is more, he said that he needs three months to “polish his English.” At the end of November, a few days before taking the position, the press office of the European Council published Donald Tusk’s first interview given for EU Internet TV in English. Tusk tells his personal story, talks about his family, his roots in Gdańsk, “Solidarity” and the beginning of his life in politics. “Gdańsk is unique, not only for me but for Poland and Europe. There are many influences from different cultures here: Polish, German, Jewish, Scottish and Kashubian. I am Kashubian, which means I am a part of an ethnic minority,” said Tusk. As far as his family is concerned, Tusk talked about his father, who was a carpenter and his mother, who was “pure goodness”. Tusk’s father died when he was 14 years old and his mother had to work hard to support their family. “We lived in poverty but we were a happy and loving family,” emphasised Tusk. He also talked about his early political experiences and his childhood which were difficult because in 1970 he saw the tragic events that took place in Poland such as policemen shooting at workers, buildings on fire and tanks. “From the very beginning it was clear to me who is on the right side and who is on the wrong one. From that time I realised that people who are beaten are more often in the right than the people who beat them,” said Tusk. The greatest political story of Donald Tusk’s life began when he established Civic Platform (PO) in 2001. “It was like a protest against the corruption and routine of politics. For many people Civic Platform was like a breath of fresh air,” stressed the President of the European Council. According to Donald Tusk, Poland is now at the heart of Europe and “is one of the pillars of European Union, not a trouble maker from the peripheries.” However, the greatest ambition of Donald Tusk is to teach his two grandsons to play football because football and his family are his two greatest passions. “Family is my greatest happiness,” said Tusk, with a smile on his face.

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