University Says No to Creationists

God's Plan

God’s Plan

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS), the largest university in eastern Poland, has terminated its short-lived collaboration with the Twój Ruch foundation, which used the UMCS auditorium to host an event designed to propagate creationism. “We have been misled,” explains Magdalena Kozak-Siemińska, spokeswoman for the university. The foundation contends that it has never tried to hide its involvement in the project and that its name was featured on all materials promoting the event. In November, UMCS granted one of its students, whose sibling is a spokesperson for the foundation, access to the auditorium for the purpose of organising an event that would “allow for an exchange of ideas between students representing different worldviews.” As it has transpired, the actual meeting comprised of a screening of a movie challenging the theory of evolution and advocating for a literal reading of the Bible, followed by a one-sided discussion on the issue. Two weeks ago, a UMCS lecturer published an article in a local newspaper, blowing the whistle on “religious whackos” using the UMCS auditorium to hold “a coven”, and pointing out that a university is no place for religious indoctrination. UMCS reacted immediately, severing all ties to the foundation.
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