Polish Sports Car Hits the Roads

Arrinera Hussarya

Arrinera Hussarya

Arrinera Automotive Holding PLC plans to manufacture a sports car in 2015 that will hold its own against the perennial power brands of Ferrari or Lamborghini. A prototype of this supercar was recently tested at the airport in Biała Podlaska to provide a glimpse of what the upcoming production model has in store. The company has been actively involved in laying out the final design of their first Hussarya car model. In October 2013, a series of test drives were performed in Ułęż on a running chassis without a body attached to it. Recently, additional testing of the car was undertaken in Biała Podlaska. This time, on a fully assembled prototype. They were devised to test the suspension system and aerodynamics of the body structure. The Arrinera Hussarya 33 will be the first model to leave the production line. Only 33 units will be manufactured of this Premium (and Limited) Edition model, which will cost approximately €200,000 (roughly PLN 828,000) per car, while the Standard Edition will be priced at around €160,000 (roughly PLN 660,000). The frame of the car is lightweight and resistant to deformation. It was designed by Lee Noble and forged from a mixture of high-strength steel to have considerable torsional strength. The Hussarya is powered by a 6.2-litre V8 Chevy mid-engine that delivers an output of 650 HP and a peak torque of 820 Nm. The Polish speedster goes from zero to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and to 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds. The estimated top speed of this two-door coupé is 340 km/h, which is limited by an electric speed lock. The production version is fitted with 19-inch light-alloy wheels that create additional space for an expanded braking system. The front wheels are equipped with 6-piston callipers and 380 mm brake discs, while the rear wheels feature 4-piston callipers and 350 mm brake discs. With an independent suspension system that is tapered, the car will weigh in total approximately 1300 kg.

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