Polish Sole Proprietorships

Business Ideas

Business Ideas

Almost 2.96 million sole traders are registered in Poland. The scope of business of nearly 28% of them is wholesale or retail. Retailers predominate within this group, accounting for 64% of approximately 824,000 businesses in total, followed by wholesalers, and sole proprietorships who trade in or repair cars and motorcycles. The second most numerous group of sole traders are those active in the construction industry. There are close to 403,000 and their business in the majority of cases consists of making various types of installations and performing finishing work in buildings. The third group comprises businesses engaged in professional, scientific or technical activities. At the end of October 2014 there were approximately 307,000 of such entities. One quarter of them offer accounting, legal or tax services, and almost the same proportion within this group corresponds to architects, engineers and businesses offering technical examinations. Sole proprietorships belonging to these three groups jointly constitute more than half of total sole traders in Poland. Those involved in manufacturing come in at fourth place, with a share of slightly over 9%. The category of businesses providing professional, scientific and technical services is growing most rapidly, whereas the percentage of sole proprietorships trading in or repairing cars and motorcycles is falling.
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