Wasteful Waste Management

Becoming More Efficient

Becoming More Efficient

A European investor is going to spend €100 million on an innovative Polish recycling technology, while politicians seem to prefer expensive and high emission waste incinerators. In line with the zero waste policy, the EU expects its member states to recycle 60% of municipal solid waste by 2020 and 70% by 2030, but the technologies used in Poland are inefficient. As a result, some 75% of municipal solid waste ends up on landfill sites. Unless this changes, Poland may face multimillion euro fines imposed by the EU. A solution to the problem, mechanical heat treatment (MHT), was developed by engineers from the Bioelektra Group. The trouble is, however, that the Polish innovation has attracted more interest abroad than at home. The MHT technology eliminates the need for rubbish dumps since all waste is recycled. The essence of the technology is that waste is first sterilised. This causes it to become dry, which makes its subsequent sorting 99% effective. The innovation was implemented under the commercial name of RotoSteril at a waste treatment plant in Różanki in northern Poland. According to independent research centres, the technology would allow the fulfilment of EU requirements by 2030. The prospects of MHT as a recycling technology can be further enhanced by a capital injection to the Bioelektra Group under an agreement that is currently being finalised. Meanwhile, the modifications proposed in parliament to a bill on municipal sanitation privilege obsolete, high emission and costly waste management methods. Such legal solutions, if approved, may block the development of innovative technologies, lead to market monopolisation and result in the failure to meet EU targets. This is the conclusion of a report prepared by the Sobieski Institute, a think-tank. Incinerators are extremely expensive to build and then operate. The costs are additionally augmented by dumps of toxic ash unsuitable for use in construction or for any other purposes.
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