Houses on Water

Masurian Lakes

Masurian Lakes

Masurian tourism is expanding. A Masurian shipyard has begun constructing luxury, environmentally-friendly houses on water. Michał Szafrański, owner of the company that is building the houses, said that the first floating house will be ready in May. They will be constructed in a shipyard in Oleck. Szafrański has said that the cost of building a house on the water is lower than the construction of a traditional home and the idea developed for two reasons. Firstly, houses on water are a great way to relax and get away from people. Secondly, they will be an alternative to the crowded resorts of the Masurian lakes in the high season. “In the summer there is often no place to moor. Floating homes do not need ports, they can be moored at the marina and anywhere on the waterfront,” emphasised Szafrański. The Masurian shipyard is building prototype floating homes of two sizes. The larger (11.5 by 3.9 metres) will have two triple rooms with bathrooms and a modern kitchen. The smaller version (8.6 by 3.9 metres) is designed for one family. Houseboats, that is luxury boats equipped to live in, were last season’s fad in the Masurian Lake District, but according to Szafrański, “Houseboats are more for boating than for living”. Marek Jasudowicz, the mayor of Giżycko, admitted that the idea of houses on water is interesting and innovative. “Unfortunately, the budget shortfall of Giżycko municipality will not allow us to buy such houses for the coming season. However, it is something for the future,” he added. Houses on water are extremely popular in the Netherlands and the United States. Several floating houses have also been built in Poland but so far there have been no such houses in Poland to rent yet.

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