Polish Musician at Vienna Orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

With the 2015 New Year’s concert in Vienna just over and the registration for the lottery whose winners will be able to buy tickets for the 2016 concert open until the end of February, it is worth knowing that a talented Polish musician and conductor has been performing regularly with the Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna Opera orchestras for about ten years now. Jurek Dybał plays the double bass, nimbly switching between the roles of a member of the orchestra, a soloist, a musician playing chamber music to name but a few. He is an accomplished conductor, animator of cultural life and academic teacher of would-be double bass players in Poland and Germany. In 2014 he became the director of Sinfonietta Cracovia and supervised the organisation of events celebrating the 20th anniversary of this orchestra. He also manages the Krzysztof Penderecki Level 320 International Festival in Zabrze, an event developed at Dybał’s initiative, now in its second year, the latest held in October 2014. He actively promotes and popularises Polish music, both at home and abroad. He does so all the more successfully thanks to his well-established presence on the international stage and a flexible, fresh approach to a broad repertoire of classical music combined with great enthusiasm and an openness to new forms of musical expression. He is the author of multimedia performances intended to give prominence and publicity to Polish music of the 20th and 21st centuries in an unconventional way. His collaborators have included composers, actors, visual artists and dancers. His bubbly comments on radio give listeners a glimpse of the vivid backstage of the contemporary world of classical music. A double bass con brio Poland can be proud of.
Polskie Radio Dwójka

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