Kangaroo Loose in Warsaw

Kangaroo in Sadyba

Kangaroo in Sadyba

Katarzyna Węgielek, a reader of the Polish newspaper gazeta.pl, informed the website wawalove.pl that a kangaroo was hopping in the surroundings of the bazaar in the Warsaw district of Sadyba. According to Węgielek, the animal has been there since October. It left the bazaar, hopped across the street and was almost run over by Węgielek herself. The animal survived. It was hiding in the bazaar. “I was shocked and wondered what animal it was,” she said. She noticed the skin on the kangaroo’s neck was ragged and its fur was thinning. According to Węgielek, the animal looked sick. Journalists of wawalove.pl were wondering where on earth the kangaroo came from. However, another Polish newspaper Gazeta Stołeczna recently reported that two kangaroos had escaped from the “Monpeplandia” game park in Dziekanów Leśny. Despite several investigations, the police have failed to catch the animals. One of them died as a result of being hit by a car on national route 7. There is no news about the other kangaroo. The head of the game park has been fined for not taking due care of the animals. When Mrs. Węgielek informed the animal police (Ekopatrol) about the kangaroo the officers did not believe her. Kangaroos are of course not accustomed to low temperatures. However, due to the fact that the winter has thus far been relatively mild, the remaining kangaroo could still be alive and well in and around Warsaw. Anyone who sees the kangaroo is asked by local municipal police officers to contact them by phoning 956.

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