TV Plagiarism

Warsaw's Palace of Culture?

Warsaw’s Palace of Culture?

No sooner had the Polish public broadcaster TVP presented the brand new opening credits of its news service, it was accused of plagiarism. The short 3D animation features Polish landmarks from a bird’s eye view and ends with a close-up of Warsaw’s Palace of Culture as the clock strikes 19:30. It did not take long before internet users realised that the new opening credits closely resemble those used by another news service, broadcast by British ITV between 2008-2009, which featured a bird’s eye view of London and ended with a close-up of Big Ben. Jacek Rakowiecki, spokesman for TVP, admits that the Polish broadcaster was aware of the similarities early on; however, he points out that most opening credits for news services around the world look alike and nobody seems to mind. According to Rakowiecki, much of the similarity between the opening credits used by ITV and TVP is down to the clock towers, both of which are distinctive landmarks. “We could have chosen another building, but the Palace of Culture is unique in that it is recognised all around Poland. What is more, our clock actually displays real time, unlike other clocks used in the same fashion, including the ITV one,” says Rakowiecki.
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