Young, Green and Burgeoning

Green Shoots

Green Shoots

Leading a healthy lifestyle has all the vogue in Poland. Food features particularly prominently as the number of ecological farms has increased more than tenfold over the last decade, but the trend also extends to clothes, accessories, toys, cosmetics and the very approach to buying and the use of everyday objects. Breakfast markets in major cities, healthy food fairs or events like the Slow Market in Warsaw stand as testament to this fashion. Start-ups with green business concepts, mostly run by young entrepreneurs, are aplenty. They mushroom where time-starved and affluent urban professionals can afford ecological products, sometimes three times as expensive as those from the supermarket. and deliver freshly picked up fruit and vegetables, meat, traditional Polish products and ready-made dishes. Cud Miód Box has adopted a subscription model whereby customers order a surprise box which arrives monthly containing products searched out by the company owners. Zmiany Zmiany, a firm created by two friends who came to the conclusion that the Polish market was lacking healthy snack bars, imports snacks containing only natural ingredients: seeds, dried fruit and nuts. Soti Natural sells bottled green tea from Gyokuro leaves thought to help metabolism, regulate digestion and improve complexion. Vitamedica produces vegetable pâtés that allegedly support body defence mechanisms and Pan Pomidor & Co supplies vegetable soups that retain both nutrients and taste without containing colour additives or preservatives. Full of Grey markets linen garments as anti-allergy, antibacterial and biodegradable. Veganise manufactures clothes from environment friendly textiles and Trashki makes bags from advertising banners, thus upcycling useless objects into marketable ones. Bioterm produces biodegradable and edible plates, whilst Tektoy and offer cardboard toys and sets to be assembled and decorated by kids. Alchemia Lasu and Purite provide natural cosmetics. Lazy Box and help people get rid of unwanted things and pass them on to others who might make use of them. Whether or not propelled by a fad, young and green Polish businesses are thriving.
Puls Biznesu

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