IT Companies Count on Golden Opportunities

Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity

The Polish ICT industry is looking forward to a new allocation of EU funds earmarked for IT systems in public administration and for information security. Wacław Iszkowski, president of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, says that the EU financing will be vital for the ICT sector in 2015. The first contests for grants under the Digital Poland programme were announced in December 2014. The EU-financed budget to be dealt out on ICT projects for public administration amounts to almost €700 million. Iszkowski stresses that the apportioning of these funds will shape the market for the upcoming three to four years. In his opinion, it will be essential how public procurement procedures for the projects will be prepared. For years the chamber has been criticising the manner in which IT solutions are selected in public tenders, where the lowest price as the paramount criterion pushes quality and timeliness into the background. Also stock exchange investors have recognised the Digital Poland programme, worth over PLN 9 billion in total, as an opportunity and the prices of the shares of ICT companies have been increasing in recent months. The public sector is the largest customer of IT services. This explains why analysts expect a large inflow of funds to stimulate the industry following two years in the doldrums. According to Audytel, in 2014-2019 the Polish IT market will grow 9% annually and its value will exceed the threshold of PLN 50 billion. At the same time, the prospect of a new tranche of EU funds becoming available poses a challenge for companies. Some of them will need to prove their competence to run major IT projects. Other will have the chance to improve their record by showing they are able to win contracts without resorting to corruption practices. Representatives of the industry count on more business from the recently growing demand for information security solutions across the market.
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