Investors Choosing Poland?


Investment Opportunity

Many league tables consider Poland to be the best location for modern business services. Annual growth amounts to 20%. Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing sectors on the Polish market. In the last five years the number of business service centres has almost doubled. There are already 470 outsourcing centres with foreign capital in Poland. The business services sector has seen a rapid increase in employment. Since the beginning of 2012, the number of employees in this sector has doubled. Currently, 128,000 people work in service centres. It is predicted that by the end of 2015 the number of employees will increase to 150,000-170,000. Mikołaj Pluciński, head of TMF Poland, claims that Poland is a leading player in the world with regard to modern business services. Within Poland, Kraków leads the way followed by Warsaw and Wrocław. According to the Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2014 report, Kraków is 9th in terms of global outsourcing. Mikołaj Pluciński adds that global markets respect and prize the high qualifications of Polish specialists and often entrust them with high-profile international projects.

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