€82bn for Poland

Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money

For the period 2014-2020 Poland has at its disposal €82.5bn from EU funds. Preparations for the use of these resources is about to come to an end. A series of articles published in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna  will discuss how to make use of these resources. European funds support infrastructure, economic and social development of less developed EU states, which includes Poland. Specific and defined funds are granted for investment plans and the current investment period is for 2014-2020, however, the actual implementation of such projects can be completed as late as 2023. The way in which resources from EU funds will be invested in Poland is determined in the ‘Partnership Agreement’. The tools for the implementation of this plan can be found in both national and regional programmes. The key ‘Partnership Agreement’ document was approved by the European Commission on 23 May 2014. It is pointed out therein that to enable Poland’s greatest possible development the following key factors need to be addressed: (1) increasing the competitiveness of the economy; (2) improving the social and territorial cohesion of the country; (3) improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the state.

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