Polish Judges Dreading Changes?

Dreading Changes?

Dreading Changes?

The powers of Poland’s Deputy Ministers of Justice will be extended. If new legislation is passed they will be able to deputise for the Minister of Justice in matters connected with the disciplinary liability of judges. This is the result of a committee report presented this week to the Polish Lower House (Sejm) by Robert Kropiwnicki. The secretary of state and undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Justice will not be able to transfer judges to other courts, although such a proposal appeared in the bill at one point. However, after waves of criticism, MPs decided not to pursue this idea. Deputy ministers will be authorised to transfer judicial clerks and assistants; they will also be able to assign new positions of work, abolish them or transfer them to different locations. However, a controversial point has remained in the bill: the judges of district courts will not receive reimbursement for commuting to court if the distance they have to cover is less than 20 km.

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