Joke Presidential Candidate?

Magdalena Ogórek

Magdalena Ogórek

Magdalena Ogórek, the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), has met with a wave of criticism from journalists and politicians. Even people from SLD speak about her negatively or coldly. The main charges brought against her are her complete lack of experience and incompetence. Wanda Nowicka, a Your Movement (TR) MP, commmented on the announcement of Ogórek’s candidacy: “From a political perspective, she has come out of nowhere. Apparently, Mrs Ogórek supported Prof. Chazan [the doctor known for refusing to perform an abortion because of his Catholic views]. Should that be true, it would be a terrible position to be in, especially if she would like to represent the Left.” Social psychologist Janusz Czapiński said, “Mrs Ogórek is a compromise and SLD will continue to marginalise itself with this candidate. We can see clear decentralising forces at work here.” The time of the announcement of Ogórek’s candidacy is also seen as inopportune what with Józef Oleksy’s death, former Prime Minister and SLD stalwart. Journalist Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska told Fakt: “I find it difficult to imagine ‘President’ Ogórek in the White House meeting the President of the United States. It seems [SLD leader] Leszek Miller has gone too far.” Polityka journalist Jacek Żakowska told Gazeta Wyborcza: “No sensible institution in any sensible country would propose a candidate for the presidency without that person previously fulfilling any important function or being an authority in some important field.” Antoni Dudek, a political scientist and historian: “It appears Poland’s left-wing parties will hit rock-bottom in 2015, as its two main presidential candidates Janusz Palikot (TR) and Magdalena Ogórek (SLD) will be at each other’s throats. However, I would not bet on the left-wing losing all its supporters. With the increasing marginalisation of SLD and the political bankruptcy of Janusz Palikot, there will be a chance for other groups to break through on to the scene, like the Political Critique (Krytyka Polityczna), which has been shearing up its position in the ‘metapolitical’ sphere for years”.

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