Kopacz Fights On

Ewa Kopacz Fights On

PM Kopacz Doing Battle

“I was not aware of the ‘additional activities’ of the government press officer Iwona Sulik, her behaviour is unacceptable, and this explains why I have accepted her resignation,” remarked Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. Sulik herself said that “to claim I have been training the opposition in public speaking is not acceptable and completely false”. Last week, Fakt released information claiming that in 2014 Sulik, while working for the then Speaker of the Lower House (the Sejm) Ewa Kopacz, trained the opposition in public speaking. Soon after her resignation, other resignations followed: Adam Piechowicz, head of the governmental advisory team and Jolanta Gruszka, head of the Prime Minister’s Office. Ewa Kopacz announced that she will reveal the names of the successors of Sulik, Piechowicz and Gruszka when she is ready. Sulik told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that she resigned because she did not want to put the Prime Minister in a “difficult situation”. She assured everyone that she was not pressured into the decision and that she never trained anyone from the opposition. However, Fakt claimed she worked with Przemysław Wipler (an independent MP).

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