Why Invest in Poland?

Choosing Poland

Choosing Poland

Poland is an excellent place in which to invest and expand a business. International reports emphasise the economic and political stability of Poland, its educated and competent personnel and large internal market. During the global economic crisis, Poland strengthened its position not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but also on the whole continent. Foreign investors, appraising Poland as a safe shelter during the global economic turmoil, willingly invest capital in Poland. The Polish market caters to a population of 38 million making it one of the largest in the EU. The country’s convenient location at the heart of Europe where the main European transport routes cross, makes it possible for Poland to export merchandise across the continent allowing it to reach more than half a billion consumers. Poland’s main trade partners are Germany, Russia, China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine  and Spain. Well-educated Polish economists, engineers, IT workers and scientists are greatly-valued and much sought-after employees. Every year, the number of students graduating from Polish universities is increasing, especially in IT, engineering and technology. Poland’s stable development constitutes a solid foundation of the Polish economy. Poland was the only European country not greatly affected by the global recession and furthermore has been developing at the fastest pace in the EU. Foreign businesses assess the investment conditions in Poland higher with every year. Stability and safety, guaranteed by membership in NATO and European Union, mean that Poland is a credible and respected partner for foreign investors. In the immediate future, the greatest challenge for the Polish economy will be meeting the criteria for adopting the Euro.

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