Gdańsk Trams a Passenger Magnet

Gdańsk Tram

Gdańsk Tram

New tram routes together with new trams have meant a growth in the number of passengers travelling by tram in Gdańsk. Between 2009 and 2013, the total number of people travelling by tram in Gdańsk increased by 13.6%, which was a rise from 147.8 million passengers to 168 million passengers a year, according to “Investing in Trams Attracts New Passengers”, an article published on the Transport Publiczny (Public Transport) website. At the end of 2007 a new tram route from the Gdańsk city centre to the Chełm district was opened, and in the spring of 2012 passengers were given another route, from Chełm to Łostowice. What is more, the old tram routes have been modernised. The city has also invested in new, lowered-floor, two-directional Swing trams. Also, Gdańsk imports used carriages from Germany (also capable of driving in two directions). Transport Publiczny points out that over an analogous period, the number of public transport passengers in neighbouring Gdynia has decreased by 10.2%, from 99.2 to 89 million passengers a year. According to the author of the article, Gdynia’s problems were the result of poor decision-making on where and how to expand the already-existing bus and trolley-bus routes which in many cases were covered by the routes of the local city railway link (SKM).

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